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Rent a CMO

Rent a CMo

The Not-So-Secret Guide to Selling More Mousetraps

Success requires more than a great product. You need a great plan to go with it.

Let's say you've started building a better mousetrap. It's a fantastic product or service that may actually alter the world as we understand it. All very well and good.

Too bad "if you build it; they will come" is literally fiction. In today's marketplace, customers won't beat a path to your door regardless of how great your product is - unless they know it exists.

A great sales person can deliver results initially by harvesting the low-hanging fruit, but sooner or later that crop will be picked. Then what? For long-term growth and success, every company needs a well-constructed and executed marketing plan.

Your plan should be based on a sober appraisal of your challenges and opportunities, with the 21st Century realities of the marketplace and all the various marketing media in mind and with a precise understanding of both your brand and your most desirable customer.

In other words, you need a plan constructed by a talented Chief Marketing Officer.

We heard you just say, “We can’t afford a CMO.”

Maybe you can't afford (and don't need) a full-time CMO, but what about a part-timer? Or better yet, someone you pay through a negotiated rate and for whom you don't have to cough up benefits, a corner office, etc., etc.

You need a talented CMO who will do the heavy lifting of creating and executing a marketing plan that drives profits and growth and helps to build a demand-generating machine that will harvest revenue over the long term.

We're not talking about a copywriter or a graphic designer. We're talking about a strategist, a big thinker, a brand builder, someone who can design the most cost-effective marketing plan possible - who happens to have graphic designers and copywriters on his team.

You also don't want to hire a full-time CMO on the cheap only to make the expensive discovery that this is his or her first rodeo.

You need a Rock Solid hired gun CMO and a band of brand builders.

Rock Solid's team of strategists and creative types will help you create a marketing plan that will build your brand and move your units (or services). And they'll do it for far less than you'd pay for a full-time, experienced CMO.

Think hourly employee, but at the Corporate level, with international experience. And this is not our first rodeo. Rock Solid has already created ROI-driving marketing plans for several manufacturers ranging from regional to national and international in scope. People just like you and your team who work hard building top-quality, world-altering products and services.

You build better mousetraps and Rock Solid makes sure the right people know about them.  Interested?

Contact us today. It could be the communication spark that ignites your bright future.

Rent a CMO