Rock Solid Ideas, Inc.
Who We Are

Who We Are

  • Part of the team
  • A partner that deals in candor and integrity
  • Boots on the ground, roll up our sleeves, whatever it takes
  • Self-contained brand protectors
  • Creative problem solvers
  • Results-oriented communicators and storytellers

Who We Aren't

  • A vendor
  • A bunch of yes-men
  • Just in it to bill it
  • Figureheads that just outsource the work
  • Cookie-Cutter
  • That's how we've always done it

Our Process

At Rock Solid, we take an integrated team approach to developing and positioning your brand, your personality… your story. We work closely with you through various processes of discovery in order to uncover the true personality of your organization, the true essence of who you are at the core. Through this process our team will consist of executive level management, employees, customers and maybe even competitors. Next we develop a corporate profile consisting of your strengths, weaknesses, points of difference and desires for the future. Once discovery is complete we strategize and develop your language and messaging for both internal and external audiences. With your brand, personality, messaging and positioning in place, we engage and educate your internal audiences and then proceed with your external audiences. This is a truly exciting and all-inclusive process that will bring your team together and give everyone a feeling of ownership and being a part of something much larger than themselves. When everyone has a mutual understanding and is working together…the magic happens!